Ready Made


Ready made baskets let us take the hard work on for you. We will assemble the uprights, thread the flying wires and then weave the cane leaving holes for your tank straps to go through. we will always put enough holes for four cylinders, one in each corner, please advise if you require more. You can also personalise your kit with coloured You can also personalise your kit with coloured cane and basket bottom skids. If you want to you can send us your finished basket and we can hand stitch on a leather or suede top with zipped pole covers and glass sibre poles. You can also have a leather or limed hide basket bottom. We can also swage your wires for you to reach your burner frame or you can buy one of our burner frames if you haven't got one.

We also offer an extra height option, our standard height is 29.5cm (from inside the basket excluding trim) this can be increased to give more protection to the cylinder tops, or maybe you have bigger cylinders. What ever it is, we can help and advise.

Ready made baskets are available in three sizes: Small *325 mm x 225 mm, Standard *380 mm x 300 mm, Extra room *415 mm x 295 mm, *All sizes are approximate

Perspex floors available. Price on Application