Welcome to the Howling Wolf website, we hope you find it of interest and that you will trust us with your order. We are 3 model balloonist making equipment, and organising events  for model balloonists. Our aim is to make the sport of model ballooning affordable but at the same time give a great quality product and excellent quality of service. We are starting small and producing products that we feel are good quality and excellent value for money. We will increase our range a bit at a time but only when we feel the item is right and worth it's money so please bear with us, keep checking this site and hopefully watch us grow intro a brand you can trust and enjoy using. Many thanks Howling Wolf Team.

As a responsible manufacturer, we will always advise our UK customers to join the BMFA, to ensure you have the latest news, permits and insurance in place for your area. For our overseas customers, we will attempt to put you in contact with a long standing model balloon pilot in your country, to advise you of your requirements.